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AMA 26cc Top handle chainsaw (10inch)




The AMA AMX 26.10.2 pruning chainsaw ranks among the most suitable tools for pruning medium-sized branches. Handy, compact and super-light structure, this chainsaw is the best you can ask to arrange the garden, fruit trees, the hedge with ease and safety. Let’s see in summary the main features of this chainsaw:

  • Original Oregon bar and chain 25 cm
  • Internal combustion engine 25.4 cc 1.22 Hp with Walbro carburetor, environmentally friendly, with less harmful emissions and reduced costs
  • Main handle shaped and covered with soft rubber that gives greater operator comfort and reduces the sense of tiredness even after long periods of work
  • Side handle that allows you to transfer all the force on the piece to be cut
  • Pull start with self-winding cord and primer pump that releases the fuel line from the air present and facilitates ignition
  • Well placed function controls: “On / Off” button, safety lever and throttle trigger
  • Chain lock that comes into operation immediately in case of kickback
  • Automatic chain lubrication which restores the quantity of oil needed
  • Air filter that prevents dust from entering the carburettor, keeping the machine always in perfect condition

The AMA AMX 26.10.2 chainsaw is recommended for use in the home.

General features

Engine 2-stroke 25,40 cc 
Power 1,22 Hp
Oregon bar and chain 25 cm
Step chain 3/8-LP 0,50″-1,3 mm-40E
Petrol tank 0,20 lt
Lubrication oil tank 0,14 lt
Sound level 110 dB
Weight 3,40 kg