Berg Favorit 380 Black + Safety Net Comfort Inground Trampoline (12.5ft)


Can’t get enough of all that jumping? No problem! The Berg Favorit InGround is hard-wearing, needs little maintenance and will give you years of pleasure. This trampoline has been developed with great care and attention. This has ensured that the Favorit is a safe trampoline of excellent quality. The sturdy Safety Net ensures that children and adults can safely enjoy trampolining.

Sinking a trampoline in the ground makes the trampoline easier to step onto and it is nicely concealed in the garden. The pegs, which are included, ensure that it is firmly secured in the ground.



  • Equipped with GoldSpring Solo springs: long springs for better and more flexible jumps.

  • Thick PVC protective edge for increase life spam.

  • Self-closing safety net included.

  • Bottom net fitted to the protective edge to prevent children, animals and toys from getting under the trampoline.

  • Strong metal construction.

  • To avail of Berg's warranty: register your trampoline online:

  • UV resitant protective padding

  • Diameter: 380cm

  • Entrance height: 20cm

  • Test weight: 550kg

  • Maximum jumping weight: 110kg

 WARNING: This trampoline is provided with a safety net. However, if you were to use it without the safety net, the trampoline must be used by children over the age of 14. InGround trampolines without a safety net are classed as Sports Equipment (and not toy) and therefore must be only used by kids over 14.