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Berg InGround Champion 330 (11ft) (green) article no:





BERG InGround Champion Trampoline Green

BERG InGround Champion Trampolines are a higher specification than the Favorit range, however there is no difference in the type/size or shape of the hole required. The Champion range is becoming more popular all the time as more people/adults are using trampolines for fitness. In Grounds are easy to install, digging a hole is more of a nuisance than anything as the hole required is quiet small, other than that it’s all positives. The hole required needs to be 30″ LESS than diameter of trampoline and 28″ deep at the deepest point in the middle. ( on average 1 hours work for a mini digger, 4 hours with a shovel). The hole when finished will be the same shape as a desert bowl! No drainage required,no retaining wall needed, the hole is simply for the impression of the people bouncing. Safety nets can be fitted on almost all models.

Differences between BERG InGround Champion Trampolines & Favorit Trampolines:

-Metal is 25% thicker
-Stronger Champion uses Goldspring+ springs which give 30% extra jumping load
-Padding: 30 mm thick on the Champion, 20 mm tapering to 10 mm on the Favorit
-Jumping Mat has 2 extra layers of stitching

Advantages of a BERG In Ground Trampoline:

-Highly unlikely to blow in the wind
-Visually doesn’t dominate your garden
-Less chance of accidents or injuries
-Ease of access means In Ground trampolines get a lot more use than conventional ones