Berg New Holland BFR Go Kart (With Roll Bar and Light)


Berg New Holland BFR Go Kart

Suitable For 5-Year-Olds +

New Holland Authentic Branding

TRAXX Exhaust + Tractor Tires

Swing Axle Allows For Great Grip

Double Ball Bearings Makes Steering Light

BFR System - Brake, Forward & Reverse


Berg New Holland BFR Go Kart

The Berg New Holland Go-Kart is a must for any up and coming farmer. This machine will create endless hours of fun and work for any farming enthusiast. This sleek machine comes in the original New Holland colours and stickers. The Go-Kart can handle any ground. With deep threaded tires and the swing axle, the Go-Kart can tackle any ground on uneven terrain.

The Berg New Holland Go-Kart is specially designed to replicate the original tractor. With a TRAXX exhaust and back mud guards fitted to give it that authentic look. There are also heavy duty brake pads fitted to ensure safety whilst working with heavy trailer loads. The front spoiler finishes the look of the Go-Kart nicely.

There are many additional accessories available for the New Holland Go-Kart. There are both front and back lifting units available. Attach a pallet fork so straw can be lifted or a bulldozer blade. Attach a steel trailer to the back of the New Holland to carry weights of up to 40kg with a tipper function to make unloading easier. Add the Berg digital on board computer to keep track of speed and travel distance to give it an even more authentic feel.

This Go kart will be flat packed if delivered.