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Berg Street-X Venom Go-Kart

With this race-monster on three wheels, you get the best of both a go-kart and a motorbike! By balancing your body, you can take the sharpest corners and complete the coolest manoeuvres. You and your Street-X will combine to create a whirlwind on wheels. Complete with BFR systems, which allow you to brake with the pedals and immediately reverse from a standstill. Which makes you more flexible than ever!

With the Street-X Venom, you can push the boundaries of possibility. The quality pneumatic tyres offer extra grip and comfort. The seat position is adjustable, so you will always feel comfortable and safe as a priority. The Street-X Venom has two robust guards to give extra protection to your hands. The green Street-X Venom is suitable for children from the age of six and the adjustable bucket seat and robust steel frame will ensure years of enjoyment, until the age of about twelve.