Gardencare GCMT333 trimmer, hedge cutter & pruner multi-tool


A popular choice among British & Irish gardeners, the GCMT333 is a powerful performing Multi-tool and at an affordable price that will appeal to every home. Equipped with Gardencare?s own 33cc, 2-Stroke engine, the GCMT333 petrol multi-tool produces impressive power while remaining efficient to run. With a dry weight of 5kg and aided by the included harness, the GCMT333 is lightweight to operate, meaning less strain and fatigue is caused especially over longer periods of use. Furthermore the loop handle on the multi-tool makes it comfortable and practical to use allowing for an even and accurate cut.

Offering a 4 in 1 cutting option the GCMT333 is a versatile tool capable of tackling most jobs in your garden. Offering all the same great attachments as the GCMT263 but with a more powerful 33cc engine, the GCMT333 is geared for the gardener needing to tackle those tougher jobs.


The GCMT333 comes with a Gardencare strimmer attachment complete with butterfly head. Capable of producing an accurate and reliable cut, the strimmer unit is perfect to trim edges and hard to reach places of the lawn. For areas with thicker growth, the GCMT333 strimmer head can be swapped out to a brush cutter blade in order to cut through heavier grass and weeds, thus offering a full trimming function.


The pole-saw attachment for the GCMT333 is a perfect method of cutting back branches and smaller trees in your garden. Mounted on the GCMT333, the saw provides a long-reach for accessing even high branches.


The GCMT333 comes supplied with a Gardencare hedge-cutter attachement capable of managing all types of common garden hedges. With a twin-tooth, mechanical blade, the GCMT333 provides an impressive cut that is resistant to blade locking. The extra power from the 33cc engine allows the GCMT333 to be a fantastic option for cutting even thick hedges back.