Husqvarna 15″ X-Force Laminated Bar 0.325″ 1.3mm 582075364 (Model 435/440)



The Husqvarna 15″ X-Force Laminated Bar 0.325″ 1.3mm 582075364 has more durability, less weight and superior performance – the Husqvarna X-Force guide bars have been developed together with the X-Cut chains to get the best possible performance out of your Husqvarna chainsaw. A smooth, optimized profile, outstanding durability in the nose and bearing system, and an optimized centre plate design provides minimum downtime and maximum results.

Technical Data

Bar length: 15″ 38cm.

Chain pitch: 0.325″.

Gauge: .050″ /1.3mm.

Type: X-CUT SP33G.

Cutter: Pixel Semi Chisel.

Drive links: 64.

Suitable for 136, 137, 137e, 141, 142, 142e, 340, 340e, 345, 345e, 346XP, 350, 353, 435, 435e, 440, 440e, 445, 445e, 450