Husqvarna Aspire™ S20-P4A with battery and charger


Multi-purpose tool for precision grass trimming and shaping of bushes

Aspire™ shrub shear is a battery-powered multi-tool for precision garden tasks like trimming grass edges and shaping bushes and hedges. Benefit from the powerful motor and high cutting speed that enables fine cuts to remove grass around delicate growth, and easily change attachments without using any tools. The battery is compatible with the 18V POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE system, resulting in optimal flexibility since one battery can be used for several tools and brands. 

Operating is facilitated by the low weight and compact design, which provides excellent maneuverability. Thanks to the smart digital user interface, you can turn the motor on and off with just a push of a button, and easily view the battery status to plan your work accordingly. The product automatically shuts down if not used for 180 seconds, reducing the injury risk and extending battery life. 

To minimize the storage space needed, the shrub shear is compatible with Aspire™ Storage solution and comes with a tailor-made hook for convenient wall storage.