Husqvarna K 1260 Rail


Cutting a rail track takes power, precision and speed. The K 1260 Rail is the market's most powerful cutter, customised for railways, tram tracks and metro systems. It cuts fast and straight, the attachment mounts quickly to the rail and the double attachment mountings means you can cut from any direction.

 Husqvarna K 1260 Rail

Husqvarna K 1260 Rail


  • Perfect right-angle cuts: The RA 10 attachment fastens to the track to ensure a perfect right-angle cut.

  • Cutting from both sides: The RA 10 attachment is included as standard and allows cutting from both sides of the track.

  • Fast, stable mounting: Fast, stable mounting of the attachment onto the track.

  • High power with less fuel: Our built-in automatic filter compensation SmartCarb™ maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.

  • Active Air Filtration™

  • Anti-vibration system

  • EasyStart

  • SmartCarb™

  • Poly-V belt

  • Wet cutting kit

  • Rails