Husqvarna Novolette 540


Model 540 with NovoLette cutting system is a unique free shear type manual mower which minimises resistance and noise. This is why it is the quietest manual mower on the market. Can be used with a collector.

Husqvarna 540

Husqvarna 540


  • Non-friction silent mower:The lack of friction between the reel blade and bedknife minimises resistance and noise. One of the quietest mowers on the market. Very easy to push.

  • Extra hardened reel blade and bedknife: For excellent cutting performance and maximum durability.

  • Pilot handlebar:Ergonomically designed handlebar with comfortable, soft grip.

  • High precision ball bearings, double sealed.

  • Sturdy wheels: Durable, easily rolled wheels.

  • Collector available as accessory: With the collector accessory you can make your lawn look extra tidy.