Husqvarna T300RH Compact Pro tiller



Versatile and handy cultivator for work in the home garden. Its low weight makes this machine very easy to both operate and transport. Equipped with an easy-to-start Honda engine and a strong worm gear transmission. A number of practical accessories are available, such as a moss rake, earthing plough, weeding tool, edger and scarifier.

Husqvarna T300RH Compact Pro

Husqvarna T300RH Compact Pro


  • Tine shield - Minimizes debris spray from the rotating tines.

  • Versatile - Accessories such as moss rakes, ridgers, edgers, scarifiers and more, make this machine extremely versatile.

  • Drag bar - Easy-adjust drag bar, for different working conditions.

  • Carrying handle - Facilitates handling and transport.

  • Transmission with triple ball bearings

  • Foldable handlebar