Husqvarna Waist trousers, Classic



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Reliable protection for occasional chainsaw users when chopping firewood or doing other outdoor work. Made from tough polyester/cotton twill. The saw protection pad is reinforced on the lower inside to withstand wear and tear from boots. 

  • Saw protection
  • Yes 
  • Approved according to EN
  • 381 
  • Class
  • Class 1 (20 m/s) 
  • Eurotested
  • Yes 


Completely covered chainsaw protection pad 

The saw protection pad is completely covered, so saw dust doesn’t compromize the performance of the fibre layers.

Reinforced protection pad 

The lower part of the protection pad on the inside of the trousers is reinforced to protect the saw protection from wear and ensure high durability.


The EuroTest mark shows that randomly selected samples are regularly re-inspected by an accredited institute.

Ventilation zippers on back of legs 

The ventilation zippers at the back of the legs let you adjust the airflow. Keeping the user comfortable at all times.

Additional information

Waist Size

44 for 31", 46 for 32", 48 for 34", 50 for 35", 52 for 36", 54 for 37", 56 for 38", 58 for 39", 60 for 40", 62 for 42"