M12B3 12V 3.0Ah Red Lithium-Ion Battery


Milwaukee M12B3 12V Red Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Milwaukee Redlithium-ion batteries have sophisticated electronics (Redlink Intelligence) and Overload Protection which prevents the user from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations. It has a temperature Management System which keeps the battery in ideal temperature range to provide maximum life.

  • Sophisticated electronics: Milwaukee Redlink Intelligence

  • Overload Protection - Prevents user from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations

  • Fits all Milwaukee chargers: 95 percent plus Charge in 40 to 80 minute

  • Individual Cell Monitoring - Ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life

  • Discharge Protection - Prevents cell damage from over-discharge

  • Up to 3x more run time, 20 percent more power, Up to 2x more recharges

  • Compared with other Lithium -ion technologies and/or with previous Milwaukee battery technology. Results dependent on voltage, tool and application

  • Integrated weld frame

  • Cell separator

  • Impact and vibration protective rubber

  • Ground-Up Durable Battery Pack Construction: Fuel gauge, guide rails, hidden terminals, rubber over mould, rigid metal cage, 3 layers of shock absorbers

  • Red Link (PLUS) System Management: Single cell management during top-charge and Discharge, Optimised power output and usable capacity per charge


  • Battery Capacity:3.0Ah

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion

  • Battery Voltage: 12 volt

  • Weight: 2 kg