Milwaukee HDG-P960 50mm Fencing Staples (Box of 960)
Milwaukee HDG-P960 50mm Fencing Staples (Box of 960)

Milwaukee HDG-P960 50mm Fencing Staples (Box of 960)



Milwaukee HDG-P960 50mm Fencing Staples (Box of 960)

The Milwaukee HDG-P960 9 Gauge Galvanized Staples are intended for use in attaching wire fencing to wood fence posts, as well as securing copper grounding wire to utility poles. These staples are zinc-aluminum coated hot dipped galvanized to ensure corrosion resistance. Milwaukee's staples have barbed and coated divergent staple legs for increased holding power in materials. The diamond crown design allows for use with larger wire sizes and small plastic moldings.

HDG-P960 Features:

  • Fencing staples for the Milwaukee M18 FFUS.

  • For all types of wire fencing attached to wood ie. livestock fencing, square/chain/barbed wire and high tensile wire.

  • Hot dipped galvanised coating for superior long term corrosion resistance.

  • 4mm thick steel wire for best lifetime in outdoor applications.

  • Sharp divergent point tips – the staple point tip twists as it is driven into the wood giving better holding power.

  • Red adhesive coating for increased drivability while maximizing holding power.

  • Paper tape collation for speed and convenience.

HDG-P960 Specification:

  • Article Number: 4932480360

  • Dimensions (mm): 4

  • Material: Hot Dipped Galvanised

  • Pack quantity: 960

  • Service class: 3

  • Total length (mm): 50

  • Type Fencing: staples for M18FFUS Fencing

  • Width (mm): 20

What is included:

  • 1x 50mm Fencing Staples (Box of 960)