Mountfield 2240H Twin Ride on Lawnmower


The Mountfield 2240H hydrostatic twin-cylinder, twin-bladed lawn tractor has been manufactured to the very highest standard and comes absolutely jam-packed with state of the art designs and top-quality components. Built to give you years and years of reliable service this high specification Mountfield lawn tractor is worth every single penny. Mountfield has designed the 2240H for gardens of up to 4 acres. Easy to start with the electric key start, this Mountfield 2240H can reach a top speed of 8.8km/h meaning you can really power through those larger areas and get your mowing done faster than ever.

Mountfield lawn tractors are specifically designed to cut wider than the wheel width which allows you to cut right up to the edges and borders in your garden and also means there will be minimal trimming to do afterwards. The generous 102cm cutting width together with 7 cutting heights that range from 30mm to 90mm ensures this Mountfield 2240H is ideal in all situations. You won’t need any tools, and you can even change the height settings “on the go” making this Mountfield 2240H extremely versatile in more challenging conditions. Engaging the cutter deck is simple; just pull the control switch out for “On” and push it in for “Off”.

Featuring a high performing Stiga ST600 twin-cylinder 586cc engine you can expect plenty of power to get your mowing done quickly and efficiently. Lawn tractors with V-Twin engines offer greater power and versatility. Twin cylinder engines are a must if you intend to mow large areas or use light-weight attachments on a regular basis. These lawn tractors with V-Twin engines are aimed at bigger spaces that need regular mowing and they can pull light-weight attachments with ease, which is great if you have a lot of work to do on a regular basis.

The hydrostatic transmission allows ultra-smooth operation and allows you to choose an infinite amount of speeds in forward or reverse. Easy to operate it works in the same way as an automatic car, you simply press the pedal to speed up or depress it to slow down. Changing from forward to reverse is seamless, making maneuverability remarkably easier than anything you will have driven before. The light steering together with a tight turning circle ensures this Mountfield 2240H is easy to maneuver around your garden even if you have obstacles in your way such as flower beds or trees.

The twin bladed cutter deck is super efficient, not only will the grass be trimmed neatly it will also be cut into very fine clippings. They are powerfully blown into the cavernous 320 litre capacity grass collector. You will be alerted by an alarm when the grass collector reaches full capacity ensuring it doesn’t become overfull and clogged up. You can empty the collector from the driving seat, simply back your lawn tractor up to your compost heap, pull the lever and say goodbye to your grass!

The Mountfield range is extremely versatile and this 2240H lawn tractor is certainly no exception. You can choose between collecting your grass, discharging it or mulching it by purchasing the optional mulch kit. Which you choose will very much depend on your requirements but also on the condition and length of your grass. If you are mowing your back garden and you have pets or children then you may not like the idea of discharging the grass as there’s a high chance it could get walked into your house. However, if you are mowing a larger area, for instance, a paddock or an orchard then obviously discharging or mulching will be a lot quicker than collecting the grass.

If the conditions are right, you may wish to use the optional mulching plug that can be purchased with this lawn tractor or retrospectively if you decide mulching is for you after using the machine. The efficient system returns your cut grass to your lawn as a mulch - but don’t worry you will barely notice it on your lawn as it will be so finely cut and left in neat lines. The mulched grass will act as a natural and rich fertilizer giving your lawn every chance to be healthy and lush. You won’t need to buy additional lawn fertilizing products or apply them separately so you will save time, money and effort.

Switching between these modes is so easy - to switch into mulch mode simply remove the collector, insert the mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector. To return to collection simply reverse the procedure. This is so easy you can change between modes as you work which is great news if you have different areas to mow. Some people are happy to discharge away from their house but need to collect in areas that are accessed by people and pets, and with the Mountfield 2240H you can do this with the minimum of fuss.

The headlights are there for your safety and anyone else that might be in the vicinity. You can safely work in fading light meaning that you can get those last areas mowed before packing up for the day. At the end of the day, you may need to give your lawn tractor a quick clean, which can be the last thing you feel like doing! But thanks to the quick connect washing link you can do this easily with very little effort. Simply attach a hose to the snap-on connector, turn on the water and engage the blades. Water blasts around beneath the deck washing it clean - job done!

Stiga ST600 586cc V-Twin Engine
Hydrostatic & Reverse
102 cm
30-90mm (7 Positions)
320 Litres
7 Litres
Front 15" Rear 18"
5 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply - Please Call For Details)
Over 10000m2