Oleo-Mac GS371 Chainsaw
Oleo-Mac GS371 Chainsaw
Oleo-Mac GS371 Chainsaw

Oleo-Mac GS371 Chainsaw


The Oleo-Mac GS 371 Chainsaw is a high-performance tool designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional arborists, landscapers, and discerning homeowners. With a perfect blend of power, precision, and ergonomic design, this chainsaw is poised to tackle a range of cutting tasks with efficiency and ease.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Engine:

    • The Oleo-Mac GS 371 is equipped with a robust 35.2 cm³ engine, delivering an impressive 2.4 HP (1.8 kW) for maximum cutting power.

    • Ideal for both professional and domestic applications, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of cutting scenarios.

  2. Versatile Bar and Chain:

    • The chainsaw is equipped with a versatile bar length range of 35-41 cm (14''-16''), featuring a sprocket nose for enhanced precision and control.

    • Fitted with a 3/8''x.050'' Special chain, ensuring efficient cutting performance across different tasks.

  3. Automatic Oil Pump:

    • The automatic oil pump guarantees consistent lubrication, even at idle speed, ensuring a longer lifespan for both the bar and chain.

    • Adjustable oil flow rate allows for customization based on specific cutting conditions.

  4. Optimal Tank Capacities:

    • The chainsaw features a 0.22 L oil tank capacity and a 0.32 L fuel tank capacity, providing extended operation without frequent refueling.

    • Perfect for prolonged cutting sessions and demanding tasks.

  5. Low Vibration Design:

    • Engineered with user comfort in mind, the Oleo-Mac GS 371 incorporates low vibration technology, with vibration levels of 5.2/6.5 m/s² (left/right hand).

    • Reducing operator fatigue and enhancing overall usability.

  6. Reduced Noise Levels:

    • Designed with a focus on user experience, the chainsaw boasts a sound pressure/power level of 100.4/110.9 dB(A), minimizing noise impact during operation.

  7. Lightweight and Maneuverable:

    • Weighing just 4.3 kg (without bar and chain), the Oleo-Mac GS 371 is lightweight and well-balanced, ensuring ease of use and maneuverability during extended periods of operation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power/Displacement: 2.4 HP - 1.8 kW / 35.2 cm³

  • Bar Length (Nose): 35-41 cm, 14''-16'' (Sprocket)

  • Chain (Pitch x Gauge): 3/8''x.050'' Special

  • Oil Pump: Automatic, zero flow rate at idle speed

  • Oil/Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.22 L / 0.32 L

  • Sound Pressure/Power Level: 100.4/110.9 dB(A)

  • Vibration Level (LH/RH): 5.2/6.5 m/s²

  • Dry Weight (Without Bar and Chain): 4.3 kg

The Oleo-Mac GS 371 Chainsaw is the ultimate cutting solution, delivering unparalleled power, precision, and user comfort. Whether you're engaged in professional forestry or tackling demanding home projects, this chainsaw stands ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Invest in the Oleo-Mac GS 371 for a superior cutting experience.