Weibang WB486SB V-R Rear Roller Lawnmower


The Rear Roller features a newly designed comfortable and ergonomic handle. The collector feature and integrated air flow fabric, which indicates when the collector is full. Integrated front grass fins allow airflow to the deck, ensuring maximum performance even at low cutting heights.

The Weibang WB486SBE V-R Rear Roller has been designed from the ground up, with 3 key factors in mind , Quality of finish, Performance & Reliability. The key to the unrivalled striped finish of the Rear Roller is the perfect weight distribution. The engine and the cutter deck make up the majority of the weight of the machine, however the key to the perfect striped finish is to have enough weight directly over the rear roller. The rear roller offers the perfect balance for performance, leaving an unrivalled striped finish.